The fate of Abandoned Gods ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

I must have walked merely 500 meters and I encountered these weathered and aging idols and photos of gods placed at three random places outside homes in open.

These divine representations, once cherished and worshipped, now find themselves in a state of abandonment.

These idols of immortal entity too go through the Cycle of life just like us mortal beings. Only in their case this cycle is called the Cycle of Creation and Abandonment.

The life cycle of these god idols is a reflection of our human tendencies. Initially, they are meticulously chosen, crafted with devotion, and adorned in homes as objects of reverence. However, as time progresses and they suffer the effects of aging and weathering, and then the dilemma emerges. What to do with them. It’s considered sacrilegious to throw these idols in the garbage, so they end up being abandoned in outdoor spaces.

The dilemma and the question of what to do with old or damaged idols has troubled many. On one hand, discarding them seems disrespectful, while on the other, keeping them at home isn’t a viable option. Hence, they are left under trees or just any random place, slowly succumbing to the neglect.

As we evolve as society, finding sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions to any issues related to our belief and religious practices become increasingly relevant to ensure that our faith and traditions can coexist harmoniously with our responsibility to the environment.

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