From an Artist’s Perspective

When you truly embrace the essence of art, you begin to see it everywhere and in everything. It’s not about living in an isolated world; it’s about being exceptionally observant of your surroundings. The artist’s eye is like a finely tuned camera, capturing the beauty and intricacies that often go unnoticed by others.

Every mundane object becomes a canvas of potential. The play of light and shadow on a street corner, the intricate patterns on a fallen leaf, the colors in a bustling cityscape, or the impression created on a surface due to friction – all of these are a source of inspiration. The artist’s mind constantly seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary, turning everyday life into a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

This heightened awareness isn’t detachment rather it’s a deeper connection with the world. It’s about finding the artistry in the chaos and the poetry in the mundane.

The artist’s ability to see what others probably miss out is because of their extraordinary power of observation. I always tell my students to look around…Pay attention…Observe…Absorb their surrounding and then Draw.
It’s a reminder that art is not confined to galleries or studios but exists all around us, waiting for those with a keen eye to bring it to life.

This heightened perception extends beyond the visual domain. Artists often tune into their senses to draw inspiration from various sources. The world is a symphony of sounds, a tapestry of textures, an amalgamation of emotions. An artist doesn’t just observe; they immerse themselves in the world, engaging with it on a profound level.

In the rustling of leaves, an artist may hear the whispers of nature’s secrets. The rough texture of a weathered stone may tell a story of time and endurance. Even the emotions of people passing by become a palette of inspiration. Joy, sorrow, and contemplation are like colors on the artist’s mental canvas.

Moreover, an artist’s awareness transcends the present moment. They can visualize these moments seamlessly while blending the boundaries of time. History, dreams, and imagination all become integral components of what they create.

In essence, seeing art everywhere is not a solitary endeavor but an evidence of artist’s profound connection with the world. It’s a reminder that art is not confined to canvas or sculpture alone; it’s a living, breathing entity that surrounds us, waiting to be appreciated by those who seek stories and wonders in the minutiae of life.
May we all learn to Observe not just look…listen and not just hear. Practice mindfulness.

Be in present with all our Senses Awakened!! 🌼🌼